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Why remote tech support? Remote tech support gives you the equivalent of your own IT department. The ability to have a team keeping your business or personal computers running constantly fixing errors and problems behind the scenes providing backups, monitoring your antivirus software and there to call tech or email when you have a problem.

Online tech support is a small business’ best friend because it allows them to receive enterprise-class support and service at a small business price.

And unlike IT departments that have a backlog of tasks, or calling tech support companies that send on-site technicians, online tech support services provide immediate IT support, even if remote.

Businesses typically experience 3 – 4 tech interruptions per year, with an average of 8 hours of downtime per interruption. That’s roughly 30 hours of network downtime per year! Remote support is an effective way to solve those technical issues quickly and easily.

Remote support offers an immediate solution to business owners who need their problems fixed in real-time. If a POS system crashed or the network connectivity failed, a business will pretty much shut down due to the inability to confidently process transactions. Imagine if this happened during a rush or the holiday shopping season.  It happens all too often, and business owners feel helpless as they sit and watch money walk out the door while waiting for a technician to arrive. Utilizing a remote support platform can help solve most issues in a fraction of the time it would take to schedule and execute an on-site support call.

Our System keeps our techs aware of errors, crashes, updates and more and they send fixes, tweaks and updates to keep you always going and rarely ever even needing to call the help desk.

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