Happy Holidays everyone as our customer count on the 25th has been pretty non existent the past few years and even Ninjas have family to spend time with we will be closed the rest of today and

For a long time now we have offered our remote program the Ninja Help Desk we are now proud to offer Managed and Monitored support with our Ninja Help Desk with an Initial Price of $199.00 a

From all of us at Techwarrior Technologies we wish you a safe happy and peaceful thanksgiving.

There have been a large amount of new Amazon scams popping up. Fake order emails, lockout emails, and many others to scam people into handing over banking information. Allow people into their computers and more. These emails

We deal with a lot of data recovery jobs that involve someone deleted files, 1 file, a folder, or even accidentally wiping their hard drive. Most times these are very recoverable. BUT it should be done immediately

Do you have a bunch of old computers lying around that you want to get rid of but really want the data off all of them? We can do both and this week we'll only charge you

Yesterday for Crow Rivers Hearts Serve day we as a community kept over 1000 lbs of E-Waste out of dumps and going to be recycled into new stuff! Thanks! As always we take E-Waste for Recycling year

20 Years ago this was high end a 1 Gig Hard Drive now a phone micro sd card holds hundreds of times this amount of storage.