Adventures in Tech Support Episode 1

Today we had a emergency where a client couldn’t access their software on the server, and they had to get to a meeting. One call we were on the job and had their system connecting back to the server within 10 minutes of them leaving the office and were able to text them telling them they were back in business. Missions like this always make us smile.

Tech Support Case Study

We had a great example of the importance of a good tech support team ready to serve you happen this week. One of our clients with a pretty decent sized network had their bookkeepers computer kick out an error and then crash, we found out and within less then a day had the computer replaced, and the data transferred back down from our backup servers. Us protecting and watching over their network along with the quick response of our team had them back in business within less then 24 hours.

When it comes to computers a computer down can cripple a company our goal is to have that not happen and when things do go down have it be as limited as possible. Reach out to find out more and see what we can do for you.

Why Managed Tech Support

Managed tech support helps keep a business or household running at its peak proficiency. Our monitoring system keeps us alerted to malware, updates and other possible issues.

Our monitoring systems even alert us if hard drives are failing or going to fail.

Just recently the system kicked out a SMART error which comes from a chip on the hard drive telling us it is about to fail. Failure is not always exactly immediate but is usually impending when the chip sends out a S.M.A.R.T error, This alert from the hard drive to our monitoring system allowed us to get the hard drive replaced before the hard drive failed and the computer went completely down, this allowed uptime to remain rather steady minus the short period to replace the hard drive and transfer the data.

If you’re not already taking advantage of our managed tech support services, now is the time to start. Our team of experts can help keep your business or household running at peak proficiency with our monitoring system that alerts us to malware and hard drive failures. Plus, we’re always updating our systems to make sure you have the best protection against online threats. So why wait? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Get more information about managed tech support for your company today.

Managed Tech Support

Managed Tech Support and Help Desk Service

As a small to medium sized business, it can be tough trying to figure out how to get the most out of your tech budget. You want to make sure you are getting the most value for your money, and that you are covering all of your bases when it comes to technology. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to do just that!

One of the best ways to get the most out of your tech budget is by using a remote support service. With a remote support service, you can connect with a tech expert who can help you with all of your technology needs, without having to leave your office. This is a great way to save time and money, and it can be as good as having your own help desk especially when connected using our managed services our Ninja Managed service.

Another great way to get the most out of your tech budget is by using a help desk. A help desk can provide you with on-demand tech support, so you can get the help you need when you need it. This is a great way to make sure that all of your technology needs are met, and it can save you Our Ninja Managed Service offered the help desk and managed tech support services.

A tech budget is used to keep track of all of your technology needs. This will help you stay on top of what tech you need, and how much it will cost. A tech support service can also be a great way to save money when it comes to getting tech for your business. Our Ninja managed services offers the best in Help Desk, Managed Support and act as your entire IT department for your computer for a low flat rate. A lot less then 1 employee in most cases which would usually run 40,000.00 a year or more for a general help desk staffer.

A tech support service can be a great way to get tech for your business because it is affordable, and you don’t have to worry about hiring someone to manage the tech or any of the other things that come with running a tech department. This way you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about tech.

Remote Tech Support

Why remote tech support? Remote tech support gives you the equivalent of your own IT department. The ability to have a team keeping your business or personal computers running constantly fixing errors and problems behind the scenes providing backups, monitoring your antivirus software and there to call tech or email when you have a problem.

Online tech support is a small business’ best friend because it allows them to receive enterprise-class support and service at a small business price.

And unlike IT departments that have a backlog of tasks, or calling tech support companies that send on-site technicians, online tech support services provide immediate IT support, even if remote.

Businesses typically experience 3 – 4 tech interruptions per year, with an average of 8 hours of downtime per interruption. That’s roughly 30 hours of network downtime per year! Remote support is an effective way to solve those technical issues quickly and easily.

Remote support offers an immediate solution to business owners who need their problems fixed in real-time. If a POS system crashed or the network connectivity failed, a business will pretty much shut down due to the inability to confidently process transactions. Imagine if this happened during a rush or the holiday shopping season.  It happens all too often, and business owners feel helpless as they sit and watch money walk out the door while waiting for a technician to arrive. Utilizing a remote support platform can help solve most issues in a fraction of the time it would take to schedule and execute an on-site support call.

Our System keeps our techs aware of errors, crashes, updates and more and they send fixes, tweaks and updates to keep you always going and rarely ever even needing to call the help desk.

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Facebook goes down and what we can learn

Good tech support can make or break a catastrophe like the facebook outage which reports have said even had key cards not working to people not being able to log on to there remote work system leaving large amounts of people not able to do anything. A set of ninja’s monitoring your systems can help prevent this kind of catastrophe or be ready to react and get you back up and running in the case of an outage. Our goal is always 100% up time but it can happen any time. We will be here to make sure its as quick and painless as possible with our managed tech support services.